Terms Of Service

1. You are not allowed to request a refund or chargeback under any circumstances.

2. You must be at least 18 years of age to donate or be permitted by a legal guardian.

3. By making a donation, you are not entitled to any tangible goods.

4. We have the right to close down our services at any time. If we happen to do so, you may not chargeback.

5. You are simply donating to the server and are not actually purchasing anything. Although you may be rewarded for donations.

6. You will not take any legal action against the server, staff, members, or website, or any of our services in regards to your contribution.

7. You will not contact Minecraft, Mojang AB, or any of it's companies. They are not affiliated with our store.

8. Breaking these TOS will most likely lead to a permanent non-appeal-able ban from the server, website, and all our services.

9. You are not in any way immune to being punished in-game. You will still have the same punishments as others. 10. In the event of a perm ban, you are not allowed to charge back.